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I'm Beth. I'm a nerd. I like obsessing over sci-fi, comedy, and British television. I have chronic case of nostalgia. Both my mind and my hair are constantly a mess. Real Time Web Analytics



Dogsitting for the next few days and of course my computer decided now was a great time to need repairs. Hope my cousin’s fiancee doesn’t mind me using his for the next few days. What am I going to do without Netflix for 5 days? 

link 14/04/2014 — 1 week ago

Even the tiniest amount of spring cleaning is lovely

Cleaned off the top of my dresser and got a better sense of what I’m taking with me in the move. Can’t wait to do the rest of the rooms, even if it’s in bits and pieces along the way.

link 03/04/2014 — 2 weeks ago