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I'm Beth. I'm a nerd. I like obsessing over sci-fi, comedy, and British television. I have chronic case of nostalgia. Both my mind and my hair are constantly a mess. Real Time Web Analytics



Nothing like finding out the night before your doctor appointment, that the office failed to send your prescription to the pharmacy. Ugh. I didn’t sleep enough today to deal with this.

link 15/09/2014 — 1 day ago

I just want to sleep.

link 10/09/2014 — 1 week ago

Whoa. Whoa. Who let me get this drunk? I demand answers.

link 05/09/2014 — 1 week ago

Starting wedding planning is equal parts fun and terrifying. Thank goodness we decided on a longer engagement.

link 03/09/2014 — 2 weeks ago

So a thing happened today…

Looks like I’m engaged now. 

link 2 26/08/2014 — 3 weeks ago

Going on vacation tomorrow and have been cleaning the apartment since yesterday so we can come back to a clean home and not lose that vacation calm immediately in the door. Got so much done already. Only a few more things to do today and we are set to go! Relaxing with some tea and Bargain Hunt before tackling the last couple of things on the list!

link 26/08/2014 — 3 weeks ago

Sitting on my couch, eating Skittles and waiting for a link to the new DW episode while my boyfriend plays his guitar next to me. I like tonight.

link 23/08/2014 — 3 weeks ago