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I'm Beth. I'm a nerd. I like obsessing over sci-fi, comedy, and British television. I have chronic case of nostalgia. Both my mind and my hair are constantly a mess. Real Time Web Analytics



Peanut butter spread over apple pie English muffins and a hot mug of tea for lunch today. What is this summer you speak of? 

link 01/08/2014 — 25 minutes ago

For the past week, I have been obsessively checking my phone, only be heartbroken when there was no news. Today, I am rejoicing in the fact that it is silent. It means he is still safe.

link 01/08/2014 — 1 hour ago


Grown men who refuse to acknowledge/ talk about their daughters’ periods.. like dude. …really…

When I worked at Target, our store manager would completely refuse to walk in that aisle. The team leads would always try to trick him into it and laugh as he got so mad/uncomfortable.

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link 101 31/07/2014 — 1 day ago

He’s home!

After 6 days, this little stinker made it back home to us!

link 30/07/2014 — 2 days ago

My cat got out Friday morning and we haven’t found him yet. I’ve been searching and calling everywhere trying to find him. I’m so scared and it is getting hard to stay positive. 

link 28/07/2014 — 4 days ago

Was doing fine until I woke up and thought about it. Now I am super nervous again. I just need to know he is home again. This is killing me.

link 26/07/2014 — 6 days ago

Such a good end to such a crappy day. I needed this.

link 26/07/2014 — 6 days ago

I refuse to subject myself to toxic people, no matter their relation to me. Our shared bloodlines does not mean I owe you anything.

link 18/07/2014 — 1 week ago