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I'm Beth. I'm a nerd. I like obsessing over sci-fi, comedy, and British television. I have chronic case of nostalgia. Both my mind and my hair are constantly a mess. Real Time Web Analytics



I settled on watching a few episodes of Lost Girl while I play Pokemon. This afternoon is lovely. 

link 20/08/2014 — 9 hours ago

I’m in a super cheery mood and as great as that is, it’s making picking out something to watch really hard. Didn’t realize how many intense/dark shows and movies are in my Netflix queue. I’m generally a happy person, I swear. 

link 1 20/08/2014 — 10 hours ago

I always forget how dangerous Kongregate can be. Found a new game to play and told myself that I would just play to get the first badge. Two hours gone. Whoops.

link 15/08/2014 — 5 days ago
link 164406 14/08/2014 — 6 days ago

Holy heartache. Southcliffe.

Watched all four episodes today. Don’t think my heart could haven taken a fifth. So good but so emotional. 

link 13/08/2014 — 1 week ago

We are drank.

link 10/08/2014 — 1 week ago

Went to the coolest burlesque show at the historic opera house down from our apartment last night. Just walked around the free bazaar they held in ballroom next door. This town is awesome. I love it.

link 1 09/08/2014 — 1 week ago

Peanut butter spread over apple pie English muffins and a hot mug of tea for lunch today. What is this summer you speak of? 

link 01/08/2014 — 2 weeks ago